What is a Victomizer and Our Imagination of Pain and why Thoughts of Love Conquers All

An evildoer who gains success by devaluation of others by vicitomizing, stigmitizeing. harassing and abusing people for their own greed, lust, fame and power by bullying others by insults, violence, misbehaviors, insults, deceit, fraud, violent crime, dishonesty, drugs addictions, and distortions of human life to join them in a meaningless life of devalutating the principles in life through trickery of their elaborate lifestyle of high end cars, clothes, houses, riches and women that cause miss behaving children, gangs, drug addiction, institutionalizations, prisons, violence, wars, even fatalities for their sharing of greed, lust, hate, and power and crime. Mental illness is a victimizer because it makes people sad and imagine pain their is no such thing as pain it a taught feeling theirs no such thing as fear it is an impulsion to be on the alert the minds process of sadness of dying; its confusion that causes Mental Illness. Its thoughts we get good and bad. Thoughts can not destroy the core of your mind. They wont change the core of the person you are meant to be which in the truth is love. Love conquers all. If you change the wording you feel you’ll turn all your pain which is your imagination your taught to feel into your joy of love that is what is the core of all people; When your sad think about the truth which is someone you feel you love or something you love to do, or special time or event an award a trophy, an certificate, diploma, degree you achieved, a gift, place you love to have or visit Changing sadness into joy that the all peoples minds use as fuel to a glad successful meaningful life.The core of all peoples mind is love. We all get confused. Remember love conquers all.

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Theirs no such thing as Mental illness

There is no such thing as mental illness. The brain does not get sick like a cancerous tumor or heart disease. If you took an ex ray of a person with a so called mental ill person and and a healthy person. You would see that the brain looks exactly the same. The mind gets confused and sets odd symptoms caused by thoughts that are the core of distortions and disruptive behaviors. If someone suffering from victimizations is not listened to the mind will find more victims for the victimizer and a copious cycle occurs. Or abuse and victimizations insults, neglect by parents, teachers, peers, leads to anger causing rebellious children, gang violence, institutionalizations, even fatalities, most important is victimized confused and violent people want to be listened to their traumatized; finding more victims for the victimizer, instead of the victimizer. The sooner people realize this and seek a Professional licensed Mental Health Therapist there will no longer be Mental Illness. Because it will be knocked off its feet before it happens.

by Eugene B Pacificob

The Sea a Gift of Tranquility

At night the body of clouds advancing higher up the sky smothers the whole quiet gulf below with an impenetrable darkness, in which the sound of the falling showers can be heard beginning and ceasing abruptly—now here, now there. Indeed, these cloudy nights are proverbial with the seamen along the whole west coast of a great continent. Sky, land, and sea disappear together out of the world when the Placido—as the saying is—goes to sleep under its black poncho.

The few stars left below the seaward frown of the vault shine feebly as into the mouth of a black cavern. In its vastness your ship floats unseen under your feet, her sails flutter invisible above your head. The eye of God Himself—they add with grim profanity—could not find out what work a man’s hand is doing in there; and you would be free to call the devil to your aid with impunity if even his malice were not defeated by such a blind darkness.

Visiting an Old Friend

The dawn breaks high behind the towering and serrated wall of the Cordillera, a clear-cut vision of dark peaks rearing their steep slopes on a lofty pedestal of forest rising from the very edge of the shore. Amongst them the white head of Higuerota rises majestically upon the blue. Bare clusters of enormous rocks sprinkle with tiny black dots the smooth dome of snow.

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