Theirs no such thing as Mental illness

There is no such thing as mental illness. The brain does not get sick like a cancerous tumor or heart disease. If you took an ex ray of a person with a so called mental ill person and and a healthy person. You would see that the brain looks exactly the same. The mind gets confused and sets odd symptoms caused by thoughts that are the core of distortions and disruptive behaviors. If someone suffering from victimizations is not listened to the mind will find more victims for the victimizer and a copious cycle occurs. Or abuse and victimizations insults, neglect by parents, teachers, peers, leads to anger causing rebellious children, gang violence, institutionalizations, even fatalities, most important is victimized confused and violent people want to be listened to their traumatized; finding more victims for the victimizer, instead of the victimizer. The sooner people realize this and seek a Professional licensed Mental Health Therapist there will no longer be Mental Illness. Because it will be knocked off its feet before it happens.

by Eugene B Pacificob

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